Here you can read all the secrets of the perfect makeup!

Today we start from the skin area and talk about Fundation.

Our goal is to bring out what’s hidden inside.

The products that we choose for our makeup are:


-Compact Powder,



Fondotinta enlivens the color of the skin and allows less obvious imperfections and irregularities, dilated pores, stained wrinkles and small spots.
The foundation should be applied with a small amount of sponge (from the center to the outside) starting from the forehead and continuing on the nose, cheeks and chin and tapped slightly with the fingers to get a natural effect. Do not forget to apply it even on the neck, shading well to avoid the “mask” effect. The shade of the foundation should be more similar to that of the skin.
Try the color on your neck, it’s definitely the area that has pigmentation that matches your face.

To achieve the goal of a uniform and compact epidermis, keep in mind that from a qualitative point of view, the choice of foundation is subjective: it depends on the type of skin and the season. Additionally, it is essential to opt for the most suitable shade for your color.